Danville Redevelopment & Housing Authority

Family Self-Sufficiency Program (FSS)

A free program designed to help DRHA Section 8 and Public Housing families obtain long-term goals for career, education, and financial benefits to live independently of government assistance.

How It Works
1. The Head of Household must be willing to find a full-time job and commit to the program for five years.
2. Do Assessments & Set Goals! There are two main goals to meet.
3. Receive Supportive Services to help while you work on your goals.

Participants in the program will be eligible to establish an escrow savings account. Any increases in the participant's rent because of increased earnings will result in a credit to the participant's escrow account. 

The participating family must enter into a Contract of Participation that states the rights and responsibilities of the family and Danville Redevelopment. The contract is for five (5) years. As part of the Contract, the family, in conjunction with the FSS Coordinator, will develop an Individual Training and Services Plan (ITSP).

To complete the program, you must achieve all goals identified in the ITSP, be working, and all household members must be off of cash welfare assistance for at least the last 12 months of the contract.

To get started with this program, contact:
Aquina Adams
FSS Case Manager